Cycling & Camping In Nuuksio

Event Date: 2015-06-27

Event Time: 16:00

Event Venue: Nuuksio National Park Espoo, Finland

Summer is finally here, so to experience the Finnish nature in a unique way, we have created a perfect event that includes both cycling and camping activities in Nuuksio National Park on 27-28 June. We will provide the camping gears (tents + sleeping bag) and food items. All you need is to bring is basic essentials (toothbrush, towels, swimwear, sandals etc.)

Date: 27 – 28 June (Overnight stay)

Starting point of the cycling tour is Espoo Keskus. The attendance time for participants is (12:30-13:00). Please bring your basic essentials with you, we will collect all of them and put them in the car and transport them directly to the camping site so that you don’t have to carry during cycling.

Price: 25€ / person
If you want to further support us, you can pay additional 15€ for a Sanzaal logo imprinted t-shirt to wear during the cycling tour. The money collected from the event and t-shirts will be added to the ‘Rebuilding Sankhu’ pot that we collected during Ravintola päivä on 16th May, 2015.

Payment info:
Account name: Sanzaal ry
Ac. number : FI4112283000064517
Reference number: 1232

Seats: 20 (First-come first-served basis, so act fast !!)

Food menu:
First day (27th, Saturday)

1. Starter (When you reach the venue on the bike): Banana, Juice and Boiled egg.
2. Lunch (5 pm): Chicken / Veg noodle, Bread, Juice
3. Dinner (8 pm): Sasuage/Makkarra, Burger, Alu achar/Potato Pickle, Juice

Following morning (28th, Sunday)
1. Breakfast : Nepali tea, boiled egg, chana tarkari / chickpeas pickle

If you think the food is not enough, please feel free to bring extra grill food items at your own cost. Rain or shine, we will ride our bikes from Espoo centre to Nuuksio National Park and overall have a fantastic time. So are you ready???

Route map:,+Espoo/Nuuksion+kansallispuisto,+Espoo/@60.2559058,24.6059164,12z/data=!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x468df3999682507b:0x2600b5523c1945a2!2m2!1d24.6536221!2d60.2048374!1m5!1m1!1s0x468dee37c7c78489:0x16ddbbca4a9ee5a3!2m2!1d24.466667!2d60.3!3e1

For further information about the event, please contact the following personnel.
Ayush Dhewaju
Bkas LamChaney Gurung
Binit Shrestha
Udeep Dhoj Joshi
Santos Barça Sedhain
Binod Gurung