Sanzaal Ry

A networking hub for individuals from different background.

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Temples of Bagan, Burma, Myanmar

How we started :

In early 2014, couple of friends came together to working on promoting and integrating nepalese community through different events and at the same time involve in charity projects. It all started with the new year’s eve event at leppakomies with local artist performing. Then we started inviting artists from Nepal to Helsinki. We had several of traditional events such as Change Chet (Kite Flying), recreational events such as cycling, camping & orientering. You can find the events information on our Facebook page.

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Our mission is to promote and integrate nepalese culture and tradition through various networking events.


Our goal is to bring people form different background to celebrate and create memorial moments.



Dhurmush Suntali

Children Flying Kites In Meadow

If you have any queries or if you would like to give us feedback.

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